Peoplesoft – Text Catalog

11 Apr

Peoplesoft allows users to maintain static text on pages through text catalog.

Text catalog hosts the following types of information

  • Field labels
  • Page instructions
  • Button/Hyperlink text
  • Email subject and body

They can be configured and maintained using

Main menu >> Setup HRMS >> Common definitions >> Text Catalog and notepad >>

  • Configure text catalog
  • Maintain Text Catalog

(A similar functionality by the name of Message catalog (Peopletools) is used to maintain error and warning messages)

Text catalog entries can be effective dated

It is possible to include bind variables to pass dynamic values to text

All entries going into a text catalog are stored in record : PS_HR_SSTEXT_TEXT

Tip:If you don’t know what text id you are looking for, you can go into Set upHRMS>Common Definitions>Text Catalog and Notepad> Configure Text
Catalog and for ebenefits to the far right there is a check box that
says “Display Text ID”, you select it, hit save and wha-lah, you can gothru self service and all the buttons and text fields will show aht the text id is. You will have to shut it off again to actually see the text. 


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